Test your critical thinking

26 June 2014

Have your studies taught you critical thinking?

Take this survey and find out!

Dr Merryn McKinnon from the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science says the idea of the survey is a contrast to conventional science literacy surveys - which test knowledge of facts.

“Critical thinking is the ability to think through a problem. It’s independent of specific knowledge of factoids. This is the most important skill that we should be teaching students,” she says.

Dr Will Grant says the team wants to explore the relationship between education and critical thinking skills.

“The survey measures science literacy as well as critical thinking. But we want to get results from people from a variety of backgrounds,” he said.

The survey takes about 25 minutes and will compare the average scores achieved by Arts graduates with those of Science graduates.

People who have not completed a degree are encouraged to participate as well.

The survey will close on the 4 July.