Teaching pause

24 March 2020

All teaching will be paused for a week from Monday 23 March. 

This means there will be an additional week of teaching after the mid-semester break. 

Classes will resume on Monday 30 March, with the two week mid-semester break occurring as planned. Semester one will be extended by one week to allow for this pause, and the timing of the end of semester and exam period will be adjusted to accommodate this, as below: 

  • One week pause: Monday 23 to Friday 27 March 
  • Classes resume: Monday 30 March (new Week 5) 
  • Mid-semester break: Monday 6 April to Friday 17 April 
  • Return from mid-semester break: Monday 20 April (new Week 6) 
  • End of teaching: Friday 5 June (new Week 12) 
  • Semester one exam period: Thursday 11-Saturday 27 June 

During the pause all staff, including casuals, will continue to be paid their usual fortnightly pay, and the pause will not affect any planned leave or self-isolation arrangements. 


Pause information for supervisors

Check out our central site which contains pause information for supervisors: https://www.anu.edu.au/news/all-news/pause-information-for-supervisors

Some quick links include:


Why are we pausing teaching? 

This pause will allow the University to focus on four priorities: 

  1. Finalising moving our courses to remote learning so we can finish semester one and continue teaching for the rest of the year; 

  1. Focusing on safely bringing home staff and students who are currently overseas; 

  1. Setting up work from home arrangements for when they are needed; and 

  2. Finalising local level business continuity plans. 

The University remains open, including libraries, childcare centres, retail outlets and residential halls. 


Advice to staff

Staff should use the pause productively to plan for the coming weeks and months.  

This means planning how you individually, and your team will work in the changing environment to adjust to the new normal. Consider non-essential activities that you can set aside next week to create the space to undertake this planning. You know the business and operations of your area best and we are developing toolkits to guide your decision making.  

Also be conscious that many staff are working entirely on planning the whole of university response and minimise requests to these colleagues.  

The Centre for Learning and Teaching has put together some resources to assist you in delivering your courses remotely. The resource-rich Wattle site provides guidance around teaching online as you adapt course materials and assessment tasks for an online context. It includes guidance on Zoom, Echo360, converting lectures to text/readings, delivering tutorials and assessment remotely and more. There are discussion forums for community learning and guidance on communication with students. Staff can also book 1-to-1 consultations with ANU learning designers and find out about Colleges' education support services. You can learn more here: Teaching Remotely - Coronavirus Response (COVID-19)


Advice to students 

Students should use the pause productively to plan for the coming weeks and months. You are encouraged to continue studying during this week. 

The pause is being implemented to try and minimise disruption to your future studies at ANU and make sure you will continue to receive the excellent education you expect from us.  

The libraries will remain open with appropriate social distancing and the usual services will be running on campus.  

Does this affect census date for students?

No. Census date remains 31st March.

Will this push back assessment deadlines?

Yes. All assessment deadlines will be pushed back to ensure they still fall on the same calendar week and day. For example, something that was due on the original Week 7 Tuesday (21 April) is now due on the new Week 7 Tuesday (28 April).

If you have further questions about your assessment, please contact your course convenor directly.

Are any courses exempted from the pause?

Yes a small number of exempted courses will go ahead during the pause. If your course is not on the list of exempted courses there will be no classes or assessments during the pause week and it will resume on 30 March after the pause. 

Support available 

This is an incredibly tough time for our community and our loved ones. 

Strategies for looking after your wellbeing and mental health, as well as support services available to you, can be found here: https://www.anu.edu.au/news/all-news/looking-after-your-wellbeing-and-mental-health