Taking care of your health and wellbeing

2 January 2020

This is a difficult summer and it is affecting many people. 

It is important we care for ourselves and one another as we deal with these unprecedented challenges.  

There are a range of information and support services that members of the ANU community can access if they have concerns about their health and wellbeing.

Health advice
The ACT Health Public Health Alert rates the current air quality as Hazardous Extreme.

You can find up to date ratings at the following link:

Outdoor smoke
You can find details about the health impacts and precautions you can take when dealing with outdoor smoke via ACT Health here.

Employee Assistance Program
ANU staff and their family can access the Employee Assistance Program by calling Assure on 1800 808 374 or Relationships Australia on 02 6122 7100.

More details can be found at:

The current weather and fire conditions are very concerning. Understandably, this can provoke worry and stress for or all of us in a myriad of ways, including concerns about our own and loved ones' safety, our health and that of others, and our very future.

We can feel very helpless and unsure of how to prepare and respond to such circumstances.

Some good ideas and information about how to prepare and cope with a natural disaster can be found at https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/natural-disasters