Summer Course FAQs

10 January 2020

Student Wellbeing

I'm concerned about the decision to cancel my course. Who can I speak to for wellbeing support?  

We understand the decision to cancel a course may make some of you feel concerned or stressed, which is why ANU has a range of mental health and wellbeing resources available to help. You can call the 24-hour ANU Crisis Support Line on 1300 050 327.  

For a full list, please visit Urgent crisis support services and resources can also be found on  

I'm registered with Access and Inclusion (A&I). Is there current support for me? 

If you are registered with A&I and have concerns about how current conditions, or changes to course delivery or venue may impact you, please contact your Student Access Success Officer to discuss options and get support. Go to

Academic Enquiries 

Who can I speak to for academic advice about my course?  

Please contact Student Administration in your relevant college. They will be able to assist you with developing the best study plan.  For a comprehensive list of College Contacts and reception locations and times please go here

I have/intend to have a reduced study load. How will this affect my study plan?   
Your Academic College is able to provide you with advice. Please contact them directly via e-mail, phone or visiting the office in person.  

If my Summer course is postponed, will this impact my studies in Semester 1, 2020? Will I be overloading my studies?    
Your Academic College is able to provide you with advice. Please contact them directly via e-mail, phone or visiting the office in person. 


Will my course fees be reimbursed if my course has been cancelled? 

You will automatically be reimbursed for the cancelled course fees. These will go into your University account as credit. If you would prefer to withdraw the amount, please fill out an Online Refund Application form.  

If my course has been cancelled am I eligible for any other compensation such as flights, accommodation and/or relevant course materials e.g. textbooks, lab coats, etc.?  

Yes, you may be eligible for additional compensation for costs incurred for the cancelled course. Please send an email to with your request and we will assist you.   

I have been affected by the bushfires. How can the University help me? 

Please phone Student Central (135 268) for assistance. We are preparing urgent support resources for those directly impacted. 


I'm worried I won't graduate on time because of course cancellation. 

If the cancelled course is a core component of your degree, or your chosen Major/Minor/Specialisation, or if it is being taken as the only remaining course for you to satisfy your degree requirements, please speak with your College Academic Advisor for further advice. If the cancelled course is an elective and it is not your final semester of study, you may wish to enroll in another available course. Go [].  


What can I do if a course cancellation affects my visa?  

You can apply for an eCoE Extension by completing an Application for Change to Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) on this link (under the 'Resources' tab).   Please phone Student Central (135 268) for further assistance.

Changes to courses 

 I've been told that my course has been relocated to a different venue. Where can I find out more information?    

You should receive an email from your Academic College if your course location has been moved due to campus closures. For any questions, please contact your Academic College directly on the numbers listed above.  

My course mode has changed.  Where can I find out more information?    

You should receive an email from your Academic College if your course study mode has changed. For any questions, please contact your Academic College directly.  

How do I drop a Summer course?  

To incur no financial or academic liability, you must drop a Summer course before the census date (visit Programs and Courses to check your course census date). If you are an international student and cannot drop the course, please email your Academic College before the census date with your request.

How does this course cancellation affect my HDR Program, research or experiments?    

Please contact your Supervisor and/or College HDR Team for further advice.  

The Graduate Research Office (GRO) is also available to answer any questions HDR students may have about how the bushfires may be impacting them. This could include research, access to support services or other information. GRO can be contacted at or +61 2 6125 5777