Students to take on real world challenges

5 August 2014

Students across Canberra will have the opportunity to contribute to solving current disability challenges following the launch of the Enable Technology Learning Program.

As part of their studies, students will engage with people with disabilities from start to finish on accessibility projects, including the technology design and development stages.

“We want the project to influence the current and future generation of designers and practitioners to think more inclusively in how they approach the workplace and the world. It will lead to a more inclusive society,” said Huy Nguyen, Founder and CEO Enable Development.

“We at Enable Development are very excited about the potential of the program.”

Since 2012, students have worked on a number of assignments, working around accessibility and assistive technology in the ACT.

The Australian National University (ANU) and partners Enable Development, have worked on a number of pilot projects with engineering students that have grown into the Enable Technology Learning Program.

ANU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington said it was wonderful to launch a program that will deliver many benefits and opportunities for both students and the community.

“I hope the skills and knowledge each student gains in this program stay with them throughout their careers as engineers, to ensure long-term enhancement of enabling technology.”

The Enable Technology Learning Program is for students of design disciplines including engineering, computer science and information technology, industrial design, architecture and construction. It seeks to bring together education providers in the ACT including the ANU, University of Canberra and CIT.