Student Information

31 May 2017

Where are current Bruce Hall students living?

2017 Bruce Hall residents are currently accommodated in the student residence "SA5"on the corner of Dickson Road and Clunies Ross Drive. This includes residents of the Packard Wing as well as a 2017 intake of Bruce first years to ensure the cultural continuity of Bruce in transition. 

Temporary catering facilities have been established at SA5 so that Bruce students have access to fully-catered meals throughout construction of the new buildings

When the new buildings open, Bruce Hall residents in SA5 will have the opportunity to relocate back to the new Bruce Hall.

Will the new buildings address the problems of recent years with returning students not all able to return?

Yes, the new buildings will provide some much needed additional student accommodation space and over time we will be able to accommodate more new and returning students.

Will the current pastoral care model at Bruce Hall continue at SA5 in the interim and in the new buildings?
Yes, ensuring a high level of quality pastoral care as a continuing feature of the new Bruce Hall is a priority and the University is committed to providing support for pastoral care for the two communities.

Is 800 beds too large for one residential hall?

The proposal is to create two separate and independent communities of around 400 students each. Each building will house a distinct community, each with their own unique identity.

Will fees and tariffs for Bruce Hall students stay the same?

The financial models are currently being worked on and will be advertised to students when the buildings near completion.

Will the University's returners' policy apply to returning Bruce Hall students?

Yes students will be required to re-apply and they will be consulted regarding the process.

Will the new Bruce Hall be where the Tuckwell Scholars live?

 Mr Tuckwell has indicated that his preferences is for Tuckwell Scholars to live across all residences. Scholar House has been established for Tuckwell scholars to meet.