Signing into venues is now quick, contactless and secure

9 December 2020

Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith joined our Public Health Lead, Professor Tracy Smart, at ANU on Tuesday 1 December to announce the roll out of the new ACT Health contact tracing system, 'Check In CBR', across our Acton campus. 

"To enable the ANU campus to get back to operating as close to normal as possible in a COVID-safe way, our ACT Health teams have been working closely with the University to roll out Check In CBR QR codes extensively across the campus," Minister Stephen-Smith said. 

"With the rollout of Check In CBR across the ANU campus, our ACT Health disease detectives will be able to quickly and effectively contact trace if a positive COVID-19 case linked to the University is detected. 

"It's great to see our community working with us, like ANU has, in rolling out 'Check In CBR' across its campus, to ensure we can all keep moving towards a COVID-safe business as usual." 

Checking in via the app on campus is strongly encouraged but not mandatory. Event organisers should still consider pre-registration or ticketing for major events. 

"The 'Check In CBR' app was perfect for our needs. It is simple and quick to use, and is now popping up all over Canberra," Professor Smart said. 

"It's also a safe and secure system that protects users' privacy. 

"As well as really assisting ACT Health with contact tracing if we were to get a positive case here on campus, it also is a constant reminder for our people to be COVID-safe. It's easy to forget that COVID-19 is still a threat in a nice safe place like Canberra where the risk is very low but we can't let our guard down completely. 

"Use of the' Check In CBR' app to check into every floor of every building at ANU, including our commercial businesses, is just another way of living and thriving in our COVID World." 

Visit this page for more information about using 'Check In CBR' at ANU, including how to download the app, and frequently asked questions.