Sharing innovative insights

27 August 2019

Some of the University's most talented thinkers have come together to share their experiences and meet members of the community who are interested in joining them as the next generation of innovators. 

Students, staff and those from Canberra's innovation network gathered at the Drill Hall Gallery for a Square One Innovation Networking night.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Innovation, Professor Mick Cardew-Hall said it was great to see individuals from across campus all sharing the same passion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"When I started, there was no space for innovation for students and staff to develop an entrepreneurial culture," he said.

Since then, ANU has worked to embed innovation within its strategic plan with a focus on research, more interactions with business and industry and more work on startups - with a focus on building opportunities for students to create their own business from concept to reality.

He said in order for entrepreneurship to succeed, it requires three things - people, ideas and space.

"Essentially innovation is a contact sport. It's very hard to do innovation in terms of going from an idea or a product into a commercial reality... so you have to have space for that. And I think that's what Square One is about."

As part of the networking event, representatives from ANU Makerspace, Techlauncher, Innovation ACT and the Canberra Innovation Network delivered short pitches around the services they provide to help those who are interested in developing a startup or product that could be commercialised by business and industry.

Start-up co-founders Tom McMenamin and Duo Zhang spoke about how these initiatives helped them to create their products - a wireless charger for phones and laptops and an on-demand electric vehicle charging service - both in the process of further development.

Students from the Singaporean delegation of 2018 gave short presentations on the projects they worked on while they were overseas and how those projects will help people in the future.

If you're a student with an innovative idea you'd like to see develop into a reality, reach out to the Square One Innovation Networking team via their website or like them on facebook.