Seeing purple, being inclusive

30 August 2019

Students and staff have come together to celebrate Wear it Purple Day.

Held at the kitchen on the third floor of the Di Riddell Student Centre, about 70 people - who were dressed in various shades of purple - gathered to celebrate diversity and inclusion at ANU.

Wear it Purple Day started in 2010 following reports several young people had tragically died as a result of bullying and harassment resulting from a lack of acceptance of their gender or sexual identity.

Speaking at the morning tea, Manager of the ANU Respectful Relationships Unit, Sue Webeck, said it's not just many students, but also many staff who identify themselves as LGBTIQ+, making the support network a valuable one across the campus.

"Days like this are significant to show that we accept people how and where they turn up to university and that they are part of our community and we are here to support them in whatever their life goals are," Sue said.

"Not just during their time at ANU, but also as they move into the world to be global citizens after they graduate."

If you would like to reach out to the ANU Respectful Relationships Unit or perhaps you are interested in getting to know the University's LGBTIQ+ network for social activities, you can email Sue's team at, or like their page 'ANU Respect' on Facebook.