Researchers give in-depth analysis of migration in Asia

31 May 2018

The Australian asylum seeker debate and the Rohingya refugee crisis have been put under the microscope as the ANU released a series of expert essays giving an in-depth analysis on the current state of migration in the Asia Pacific.

The essays bring to light some of the region's most troubling situations of people on the move as well as the opportunities for better national and regional responses.

Dean of the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific Professor Michael Wesley said Australia is in desperate need of fresh ideas if it is to make any positive contribution to the issues involved with movement in the region over the next decade.

"Australia's conversation about migrants and refugees is too often defined in the narrow terms of economic self-interests, security threats and humanitarian obligations," Professor Wesley said.

"Controversy around Manus Island and the ongoing Rohingya crisis remind us that the dynamics of people movement in our region are radically shifting.

"This essay series brings these dynamics to the forefront of public and policy consciousness. Our experts move beyond Australia's current conversation to provide considered perspectives on opportunities for better national and regional responses."

Essay topics include:

  • The Achievements of the Manus Island Resistance
  • No longer in limbo: Rohingya refugees in Melbourne
  • Refugees, Security and Populism
  • Forced migration, early warning and the prevention of mass atrocities

The essays have been published by the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific in a publication titled paradigm_shift: people movement.

You can read the essays here: