Reflecting on the Indigenous Trainee experience at ANU

Mwaaniipaak Nurokina
2 September 2020

One of our Indigenous trainees, Mwaaniipaak Nurokina, has reflected on his experience.

The ANU community and expansive campus quickly became Mwaaniipaak's favourite things about working at ANU, especially keeping cool in the air-conditioned office in our sweltering Canberra summer. As most ANU staff reading this article would agree, familiarising himself with the many, many departments and areas that make up ANU proved to be quite the challenge!

From general administration to casual contracts, the functions that Mwaaniipaak worked on in his time as a trainee have left him with invaluable skills and knowledge that he will be able to build on in future roles.

Mwaaniipaak's tips for new trainees or apprentices who come to work at ANU include taking as many notes and learning as much as possible, and to be open and to talk to everyone.

His supervisor, Darren Robbie, said that it was extremely satisfying getting to see him develop rapidly in such a short period of time.

"It's been incredible to watch Mwaaniipaak grow since his interview. His confidence has increased," Darren said.

"If I had a tip for other supervisors of trainees or apprentices out there it would be to be patient with them. In his case, this was Mwaaniipaak's first office job."

Since completing his traineeship in August, Mwaaniipaak has moved into a new role in the Remunerations team in the Human Resources Division.