Peter Yu Delivers ANU Reconciliation Lecture

27 February 2018

The 2018 ANU Reconciliation Lecture has been delivered by Peter Yu, a Yawuru Man from Broome in the Kimberley region in North West Australia.

The lecture focussed on the need for a realistic national approach to end the tragedy of Indigenous people's marginalisation.

"The fact is that we as a nation will never close the gap if governments continue their current policies and practices," Mr Yu said.

"We as the first peoples of this nation have enough experience with governments over many lifetimes to understand that this is not possible.

"Our national Constitution does not enshrine the principles of equality of citizenship.  The history of the Australian Constitution is not inclusive. It is, in fact, the opposite.

"They are more than just words and legal powers. The Constitution defines the values of a nation.

"A political settlement approach to Indigenous constitutional recognition should be fundamentally tied to a future independent Australian Republic."

Full text of the lecture is available at 

You can also view the lecture on the ANU YouTube Channel

The annual Reconciliation Lecture is one of the measures in the ANU Reconciliation Action Plan, which aims to create meaningful relationships and sustainable opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.