Our pledge to be a more accessible university

26 May 2021

ANU has made significant improvements to the accessibility of its digital assets, but we know there is plenty of room for improvement. In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day last week, you can do your part by ensuring the work you do at the University is accessible to the widest audience possible. 

The University's Digital Strategy Committee oversees the Digital Masterplan and Information Technology Strategy. The Digital Masterplan is under development and will provide a technological roadmap to guide us. 

Our Information Technology team continue to develop policy and guidance that will help our digital environment become more human-centric and inclusive. This includes ensuring that all new software demonstrate accessibility compliance as part of the approval process. 

They are also supporting a more inclusive digital environment through the new IT Knowledgebase which includes an Accessibility chapter and a guide to ensure your web page is 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines' (WCAG) compliant. 

ANU Library Services provide access to screen readers and other assistive technology at the Chifley Library in the Chifley Resource Room

This LinkedIn Learning course will teach you about inclusive use of Microsoft.  

If you are going to use social media, follow this social media accessibility advice to make sure people with disabilities get your message. 

Accessibility of teaching content 

At ANU, we use the Echo360 Active Learning Program to make the student experience interactive and inclusive. The Centre for Learning and Teaching offers regular training sessions for academics, so that their students get the most out of Echo360. 

Echo360 Automatic Speech Recognition enables lectures to be accessible and immersive for people with disabilities by providing transcripts. 

The Centre for Learning and Teaching's Interact blog provides information prepared by Dr Scott Rickard on making technology more accessible in teaching that is also relevant to other sections at the ANU. 

Our Access and Inclusion team have specialist IT support staff to assist students who have additional and specific information technology requirements.