NTEU discussions and end-of-year shutdown

28 October 2020

Email to staff from the Vice-Chancellor on 28 October 2020.

Hello everyone,

As part of the ANU Recovery Plan consultation in September, we received more than 140 pieces of feedback and ideas to reduce costs. Two of the suggestions, including an extended end-of-year shutdown and removal of the annual leave loading were highlighted for discussion by a number of staff. Our community has already made significant sacrifices, and we said we would only progress these ideas to a vote for all staff with the NTEU's backing. The feedback from the NTEU is that these are not suitable options to pursue, so today I asked the Human Resources team to write to the NTEU and let them know we agree - we will not pursue either of these suggestions.

That means eligible staff will continue to be paid the annual leave loading in January and the University will continue our usual end of year closure arrangements, including the payment of ex gratia days between Christmas and New Year. I do encourage you to take a break during January and December around the shutdown - 2020 has been a very tough year - and we all need to rest, reset and recharge for the year ahead.

I'm also now in a position to confirm our end of year shutdown arrangements. Noting the tough year we've all had, the extraordinary work you have all done and the disappointing reality that it is impossible to all mark the end of the year together in a COVID-safe way, we'll close the University a day earlier than usual this year. The last working day will be 23 December and then the University will close. Christmas Eve will be an ex gratia leave day and we will re-open on 4 January.

The end of year shutdown period will be from Thursday 24 December 2020 to Sunday 3 January 2021 inclusive.

I want to acknowledge that some staff will continue to work during the shutdown to support essential services for the University, and I thank them for their work during this period.

I hope an extra day with your families is good compensation for missing our traditional end of year garden party and I hope to re-instate this tradition in 2021, COVID-restrictions permitting.




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