New study to look at wider impact of gambling

25 July 2019

A new study led by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) could lead to better support for women who've been affected by a loved-one's gambling.

The team from the ANU Centre for Gambling Research is looking into the indirect harm caused to partners or family members of people affected by gambling.

Dr Marisa Paterson says partners of gamblers experiencing problems rarely seek formal help.

"We want to know why they aren't seeking help, and how we might be able to change that," Dr Paterson said.

It's hoped the study will ultimately lead to more people seeking out appropriate support.

"The aim is to assess how we can best help these people," Dr Paterson said.

"We will also develop a targeted digital infographic which tells people how to access support networks. The primary outcome being to attract people to relevant gambling support services.

"Research shows female partners of people with issues around gambling are associated with a larger extent of harms."

The researchers are inviting women with partners or family members who're struggling with gambling to participate in confidential, face-to-face interviews.

They're looking for participants from across the ACT and NSW.

More information is available on the ANU Centre for Gambling Research Facebook page.

The Gambling Support Study is funded by the NSW Government.

Participants will be offered a $50 voucher as compensation for their time.