2 March 2020

Mindfulness @ ANU is now online to support our community during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

Join staff and students for a 'collective breath' in a weekly facilitated mindfulness practice. The group is open on a drop-in basis and all staff and students are welcome to come along and try out mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness provides us with a means of cultivating greater and more objective awareness of our own emotional landscape, the emotions of others, and of external circumstance.

Research evidence suggests that mindfulness has a myriad of positive effects. It has been found to improve general well-being, life satisfaction and health, decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, improve interpersonal relationships, study and occupational success.

Weekly sessions will be held Tuesday's 11:30am to 12pm via Zoom. You can access the session here.

Please note:

  • As with a physical group practice, we ask participants to do their best to be on time. We will close the door (i.e. lock) the session after the introductions and overview - typically a few minutes in.
  • For the benefit of everyone, all participants other than the Mindfulness leader will be muted throughout the session.
  • To promote social connection, participants are encouraged to practice with their video on.
  • Participants will be able to provide feedback and ask mindfulness questions at the end of each session via a poll and the Zoom chat function.
  • Sessions will not be recorded, though a copy of the chat history will be saved. This is to help us to review answer questions which there was insufficient time to address during the session.

For more information on mindfulness and a range of mental health resources visit ANU Counselling's Talking Tips. This includes an Introduction to Mindfulness Course, covering various practices you can use to develop your mindfulness skills such as loving-kindness, body scan, breath work and more.