Message from the COO – 28 April 2020

28 April 2020

Message to all staff from Paul Duldig, Chief Operating Officer

Good afternoon

As we see the cautious lifting of some government restrictions in the last few days it is inevitable our minds turn again to being more on than off campus and when that might happen. Our experts now have a better understanding of the effective public health management of COVID-19 and we believe the University's comprehensive response measures and your sensible actions have contributed to the outstanding outcomes in the ACT. At the same time, we all have an eye on those countries where initial successes have deteriorated with worrying increases in the rates of infection.

On the expectation that government restrictions will be progressively lifted, work has begun on plans for an orderly and safe return to campus subject to the University's ability to operate safely and prevent the outbreak of infection.   My aim is that in the next few weeks we will have more clarity for you on target return dates. I understand how important this is to you. But for at least the next twelve months, it seems inevitable that we will need to operate on campus in ways that maintain social distancing and good public health outcomes, whilst also supporting those staff and students who can't return to campus because of their individual health circumstances or travel restrictions.

There is a lot of detailed planning work and consultation ahead and we will be talking with you more about this soon. In the meantime I hope you stay safe and are being well supported in your ongoing contribution to the important work of the ANU. Now, more than ever, the ANU national leadership role is crucial to our future.