Meet the 2019 PARSA executive

5 November 2018

Now that the new executive for the Postgraduate and Research Students Association settling in and getting themselves acquainted with their roles and the year ahead, we contacted them to find out, from each person: a) what is unusual about them; and b) what they're looking forward to in 2019.

Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope, President

a) When I'm not working with PARSA or studying law, I spend quite bit of my time performing in shows or bands. In my first year at the ANU I put together a band of musicians to perform Pink Floyd's The Wall, and I've been involved in the ANU Law Revue for the last three years including co-directing it this year. Otherwise, I had a band last year that played original music and performed in a bunch of the best venues in Canberra.

b) I'm really looking forward to working with the new PARSA team to deliver on some of our great project and events. The new team is full of creative and passionate people, all of whom are committed to helping the postgraduate community. The other aspect of this is the opportunity to meet so many new people at PARSA events and activities -- I really enjoy meeting first years or ongoing students and hearing their stories, where they've come from, and what they're studying.

Sahar Latheef, Vice President

a) I can sleep walk and eat a whole bar of chocolate without waking up at all.

b) To see more postgraduates coming together and engaging with the ANU community, to make 2019 an awesome year!

Bernard Cielo II, Equity Officer

a) I'm a bit of a mixed bag. While I am the type to go out on a Thursday night for some drinks, I am also equally inclined to spend my free time locked up in my room reading Lefebvre's "Right to the Cities" or Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations". I find it enjoyable to watch the latest Netflix series or Marvel movie because I get to break it down and analyze the underlying philosophical themes that define the shows. I can spend the whole day chatting with people about almost anything, but my friends would know that most conversations would end with some random reference to metaphysical implications of quantum mechanics or a quote from some obscure philosopher.  For the most part, I am a regular human being, barring my robotic tendencies to plan out and jot down every activity in my day, including both the essential and the mundane, and keep to it, down to the hour.  Despite my quirks, however, I am still a pretty approachable person and always ready for a warm 'hello' when you come across me on campus. 

b) I am looking forward to the experiences we will all share in 2019. I am excited for everyone coming in to start their degrees, for those returning after a good break from study, and for those who are graduating, We, as PARSA officers, will do our best to make this a memorable year for everyone.  I am excited about our plans for the postgraduate community and for the future partnerships we will build to make these happen. We will fill 2019 with awesome experiences for postgraduates and help build a sense of community that encompasses race, gender, and age, among others. 

Zoë Tulip, Education Officer

a) I collect masks. Each tells a story of its own, through its unique origin, shape and colour.  There is actually a portrait of me wearing one that has been entered into the National Portrait Prize for this year. Sadly, there aren't many opportunities to wear them, as I don't get to go to as many masquerade balls as I would like to.

I also get regularly asked about my name... yes, it is my real surname, and there was a Grandma and Grandad Tulip!

b) I'm really looking forward to seeing some new ideas that we have at PARSA come to fruition, especially in terms of college engagement, equity, and sustainability.

Velisubuhle Buti, Social Officer

a) I have a strong will to succeed, forward looking and embrace failure as a learning curve. I love connecting with people.

b) New Kambri precinct, making new friends on campus and building a community portfolio for PARSA.

Felippa A. Amanta, Women's Officer

a) I like to chew ice cubes, especially on a hot summer day. They're not good for your teeth, but they're so refreshing!

b) I'm looking forward to see more progress and improvements in the university's response to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (SASH), and to continue working with the university to create a safer and more supportive campus environment.