Margaret Honor Evans 1927 - 2014

27 June 2014

Margaret Evans established the Counselling Centre at ANU in 1964. Born in Coimbatore, India, she was educated in New Zealand and trained as a psychologist in London. After moving to Canberra in 1956 with her husband Lloyd, a plant physiologist and employee at CSIRO, Margaret became a central figure in the development of the university's student educational services and was an elected representative of ANU Council from 1982-86.

Margaret developed strong links with senior management, teaching staff and other student services staff. She managed the Counselling Centre for well over 20 years and retired in 1996.

She continued to contribute her services to ANU as a consultant to the counselling centre and to many others who sought out her wise, strategic and thoughtful approaches to resolving ethical and personal dilemmas.

Margaret was a highly regarded individual and a well-loved figure in both her personal and professional life. She offered many people hope, humanity, humour and a loving, non-judgemental approach to the issues of life that others brought to her.

Two of Margaret and Lloyd's adult children currently work at ANU - Nicholas (linguistics) and John (science). Their daughter Catherine is an artist in the Hunter Valley.

Margaret will be sorely missed. She has given much to the ANU Community over many years. She leaves behind nine grandchildren.