Lock your bikes securely

7 September 2014

A recent spike in bicycle thefts across campus has prompted ANU to remind staff and students to lock their bikes securely.

“ANU is easily accessible from Civic and the presence of so many bikes offers an easy target to thieves,” says Brent Amundson, Acting Manager of ANU Security.

“Students need to make sure they lock their bikes securely, even in bike enclosures.

“Securely locking your bike means using good quality U-locks and chains and locking both the frame and wheels to a bike hoop”.

ANU Security have increased patrols of halls and residences and are liaising with the Australian Federal Police to look at other ways to reduce thefts.

“The most determined thief will find a way to enter the most secure building, so the best strategy is to take as many steps as possible to slow thieves down,” says Brent.

Quality, affordable bike locks are available from the University’s Facilities and Services Division, Anthony Low Building #124 Garran Road.

Stolen bikes should be reported to ANU Security on 6125 2249. To get information on access to bike shelters email transport@anu.edu.au