Listen: Federal Election 2019 Podcasts

1 May 2019

Tune in to our podcast series on emerging campaign issues and strategies, including Democracy Sausage with Mark Kenny.

In this special series from Policy Forum and The Australian National University, Mark Kenny leads a weekly discussion on the issues, policies, and politics of Australia's election campaign.

Democracy Sausage ep.1

In the first episode, Mark and guests Shirley Leitch, Andrew Hughes, and Bob McMullan take a look at an opening week dominated by tax, personality politics, and social media campaigning.


Democracy Sausage Extra

ANU experts Mark Kenny and Dr Andrew Hughes discuss why the election campaign will be one of the most negative we’ve seen in a long time. They also consider whether negativity will even appeal to voters, some of the novel uses of social media, and the astronomical amounts of money already being sunk into campaigning.


Democracy Sausage ep. 2

This week on the Democracy Sausage podcast, Mark Kenny chats to John Hewson, Katrine Beauregard, Jill Sheppard, and Paul Pickering about a campaign week dominated by water, the economy, religion, and relentless spending commitments.


Democracy Sausage ep. 3

This week on the Democracy Sausage podcast, Mark Kenny chats to Marija Taflaga, Ian McAllister, Liz Hanna, and Sky News’ Kieran Gilbert about a campaign week dominated by dental care, polls, and postal votes.


Democracy Sausage ep. 4

Democracy Sausage episode 4 logo

Is social media a window into what our politicians really think? Who would want to be a politician? And what should we make of the theatre of Labor’s campaign launch? These are some of the questions tackled in this week’s episode of Mark Kenny’s Democracy Sausage.


Democracy Sausage ep. 5

Democracy Sausage episode 5 logo

If you start an election behind in the polls, will you finish behind? This week on the Democracy Sausage podcast, Mark Kenny and Marija Taflaga chat to Stephanie Peatling, Patrick Dumont, and Bob McMullan about a campaign week featuring the Liberal launch and the race to the finish line.


The state of Australian politics – live

In this special Policy Forum Pod Extra, a panel of experts take a look at the start of the Australian election campaign. With six different prime ministers in the past 11 years, have we lost trust in our political leaders? What does the future hold for Australian democracy?


Wicked problems: domestic policy – live

Many of the big challenges in Australian policy seem intractable. How the country responds – or doesn’t – will shape society for decades to come. In this live panel event, experts discuss how to tackle big issues the country faces and whether the election commitments made so far are likely to succeed in addressing them. 


Australia's place in the world – live

In this special Policy Forum Pod Extra, an expert panel from The Australian National University discuss Australia’s changing roles and responsibilities in an increasingly globalised world.