Largest campus solar installation at the ANU School of Art

12 December 2014

ANU has increased its renewable energy capacity by nearly a third after installing a 39.24kW photovoltaic array at the ANU School of Art.

The School of Art array is now the largest solar array on campus, surpassing the six star rated Fenner building which has a 32.6 kW array.

Providing approximately 70,000 kWh per year, the School of Art array will save the University around $8,500 per year. This means that over its 25 year guaranteed lifetime, after which the efficiency drops off to 80 per cent, the panels will save the University around $212,500.

Professor Andrew Blakers, ANU Director of Sustainable Energy Systems, says there are benefits to the new array.

“The ANU energy tariff is now about the same cost as getting rooftop PV – so it makes sense,” he said.

Funded by the Carbon Reduction Fund, the School of Art array provides around 5.5 per cent of the school’s electricity requirements, which is relatively high due to the ceramics kilns.

All up campus renewable energy capacity is now 124.94 kW, which is only a small fraction to the campus energy budget, but is enough to power around 29 medium sized households.

The School of Art array joins five other photovoltaic arrays on campus including the Fenner building (32.6 kW) and Lena Karmel (28.56 kW), with smaller arrays on the Concessions building (14.28 kW, Heritage Early Childcare Centre (4.94 kW) and University Preschool and Childcare Centre (5.32 kW).