Kick start to fame

11 January 2014

Asian studies graduate Andy Trieu is slicing and dicing his way to a fascinating career in film while becoming one of Australia's most eligible bachelors, reports SALLY FORBES.

Kung fu fan and martial arts fanatic Andy Trieu's career packs a punch.

The Asian studies graduate currently uses his martial arts skills on a daily basis as the kitchen ninja on the TV program, Kitchen Whiz.

"My character creates food that the kids have to replicate and also creates absolute mayhem in the kitchen," explains Andy.

Leveraging off his interest in martial arts and acting wasn't something that Andy original thought would land him a pay day. He'd always envisioned a career in the diplomatic services, but found his passion became his bread and butter.

"During university my main hobby was kung fu, martial arts and weaponry. When the opportunity came up to work on a kung fu show, I said 'Yeah, let's do this!"

It was a passion developed in childhood; Andy recalls being obsessed with and inspired by the performances in samurai and kung fu films.

"It was always my absolute dream as a kid to be like Jackie Chan and get into movies.

"I remember being on set about to start the show... thinking 'I'm about to perform martial arts on TV!'"

Acting on Kitchen Whiz hasn't been Andy's first taste of success. Previously he has turned heads working on the film Shanghai Lady Killer. This was an experience that allowed Andy to use his kung fu skills to full effect.

"It was kind of like Cirque du Soliel. I was taught how to use wire work and perform fighting scenes in mid-air."

Persistence and developing niche skills helped Andy to kick down doors and build a career in the entertainment industry. Not only could Andy swing a sword, but he became proficient in mastering a samurai phrase or two by enrolling in Japanese and Vietnamese studies at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific.

"While I was studying Japanese I also did a Japanese film studies course which was really inspirational as I love all of the ninja, samurai and blind swordsman content."

He travelled to Japan to witness martial art films being made.

"It was really amazing to see and a lot of people in Japan were really impressed that I could speak the language."

Asked to point to a career highlight, Andy says it would have to be doing stunt work for the film Wolverine.

"Just meeting the people on a huge set is fantastic. They all have amazing stories to share as a few of the crew had just come off the sets of The Avengers, The Expendables and The Hunger Games."

And ladies watch out, Andy has not just appeared in Shanghai Lady Killer; he has a few lady killing skills in real life too. He's recently been nominated for Cleo Bachelor of the Year.

As part of the nomination he's travelled around Australia with other inspirational young people forging exciting and unique careers.

It's Andy to a tee; he has never followed a conventional path and has used his genuine passion and skills to smash down barriers.

"I haven't just thought I'll stop there when the cameras aren't rolling. I always try to plan ahead and want to utilise my skills to move into producing and writing."

We can't wait to see where the Andy's blockbuster adventure takes him.

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