Integrating Below Zero operations with research and teaching

ANU Below Zero Consultation
6 October 2020

How might we integrate Below Zero operational measures, research and teaching?  

The ANU Below Zero initiative can provide a wealth of research and internship opportunities for students and researchers, using the campus as both a classroom and a laboratory.  At the same time, the initiative will use learnings from climate and energy research and apply them to drive real time emissions reduction and carbon drawdown on ANU campuses.   

Research opportunities can encompass a range of different themes including everything from energy efficiency to financing mechanisms, from renewables, battery storage and carbon sequestration to behavioural change and from carbon offsetting to how we can transition away from gas.  

It will be important that we develop long-term mechanisms that can engage researchers and students on an ongoing basis.  For example, research projects could be integrated into education programs including at undergraduate, Masters, Honours and PhD levels and via opportunities for internships.  

We will also need to develop mechanisms to ensure that ANU research is applied into operational plans for on-campus emissions reductions.  

Consultation ran from 8 September - 20 October 2020.  A report on the consultation will be released in November 2020 and you can view a recording of the online workshop here

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ANU Below Zero Consultation Overview