Information on grant submission extensions

16 January 2020

The unpredictable nature of the bush fires and smoke may have impacted not only on your personal circumstances but also your research proposals to funding agencies.

Please keep in mind that a number of funding agencies have policies in place to support researchers dealing with these unprecedented circumstances. Please contact your local College Research Office as soon as possible if you would like to explore the possibility of submitting a late application, report or discuss other commitments that might have been recently affected.


The Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant Guidelines do allow for late grant applications to be submitted in exceptional circumstances (including natural disasters). However, the ARC will only accept late applications where a request for an extension has been submitted in advance of the application deadline and the ARC has approved the request. Please note that all requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.


The National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) will consider extension requests for applications and post-award obligations on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be submitted prior to the associated deadline through the local College Research Office. The NHMRC will only consider requests involving direct impact of unforeseen and exceptional circumstances, or those circumstances involving a medical emergency that incapacitates an applicant or their immediate family member.

Other funding bodies

Please contact your local College Research Office


Contacts for College Research Offices are available at

We understand the past few weeks have been a major disruption so thank you for your incredible patience in the face of these challenges and as the University works to return to normal operations. 

More information about the current campus conditions can be found at Please also visit this webpage for information about your health and wellbeing, and access to further support if you have been affected by the bushfires.