Information for students studying remotely off-shore

27 March 2020

Information on financial assistance options for students impacted by the COVID-19 travel restrictions can be found here:


What are the key dates for Semester 1 2020?

If you are a student affected by the coronavirus travel restrictions, please make sure you are aware of these key dates for Semester 1 2020.   

Which courses are available for remote participation? 

ANU is offering a number of courses via remote participation. Click here to view the full list of course offerings.   

How do I enrol for remote participation? 

The deadline for self-enrolment was 2 March 2020. Any enrolments made after this date must now be arranged by submitting an Application for Enrolment Change to your Academic College (contact details at the top of this page).  

Please note, it is up to your Academic College to approve your application. 

Do I have to study full-time or part-time if I am participating remotely?

You can study full-time or part-time. For new commencing students participating in courses remotely, we suggest considering a part-time study load. This may assist in your transition into on-campus learning if you are able to come to ANU during the semester. 

If you arrive on campus and are enrolled part time, you will need to complete a Reduced Study Load Application. Once this application is approved, you will be issued with an extension electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (extension eCoE) which you can use to extend your student visa. Please contact your Academic College for further advice and information. 

Can I enrol in remote participation courses if I am not affected by the travel restrictions?

ANU has made a range of courses available for remote participation specifically for students affected by the travel restrictions.    

If you are a student not affected by the travel restrictions, ANU offers a range of courses which are delivered online and available as part of the standard University course catalogue. For more details, please refer to the Programs and Courses webpage. You may also contact your Academic College for further advice (contact details at the top of this page).   

Which online platforms do I need to access my courses remotely?

Wattle is the doorway to many online course tools, including Echo360 for lecture recordings and Zoom for live video tutorials and meetings. Test your remote access through the Wattle Diagnostic site 2020   

I am not familiar with these online platforms. Where can I seek advice or training on using these platforms?

Learn the basics of Wattle through   

I'm having trouble accessing my courses remotely. What do I do? 

If you are having trouble accessing some of the online tools or websites required for your course, try using ANU Remote Access.   

All students who have enrolled for remote access to courses due to the travel restrictions have been registered to use ANU Remote Access. Guides for downloading, installing, connecting and disconnecting can be found at this website:   

The ANU Remote Access service is for the use of authorised students and only for teaching and learning activities. By logging on to this service, you agree to be responsible for conforming to any relevant national and regional laws and regulations applicable to your location; as well as ANU IT policies, which you can review at Any misuse of this service may result in the revocation of your access to this and other ANU services.   

If you still can't access the online platforms, call the Service Desk on +61 2 6125 4321 or email:   


Late arrival on campus in Semester 1, 2020

If I can come to campus during Semester 1, can I join my peers in on-campus classes?

When you arrive on campus you will be able to join your peers in on-campus lectures.  

Your Academic College support team (contact details at the top of this page) will be able to assist you with this transition, and let you know what options are available to you for attending tutorials, laboratory classes, and completing assessment items.  

I had booked to be picked up from the airport for the start of Semester 1, now that I have to reschedule my travel how will I get to campus when I arrive? 

If you booked to use the Airport and Jolimont Centre Welcome Service contact Engagement and Success at when you know your new arrival date and time and they will organise for you to be picked up.  


Catching up on orientation 

I want to learn about ANU and connect with other students, how can I do this? 

Just because you are off campus doesn't mean you have to miss out on connecting with your peers. We developed a Wattle site for Orientation Week 2020 to introduce you to ANU, including the campus and support services available. This site provides a platform for you to engage with your peers, both on and off campus. We hope that this will be a good way to start friendships that can be continued when you arrive on-campus.   

Click here for more information on O-Week online for remote students.    

If you signed up for the Set4ANU Mentoring Program you should have received information about the Set4ANU WeChat that has been organised for mentees to talk with mentors. If you signed up for the program but haven't received information about the WeChat please contact   

How can I get to know the ANU campus and services, when I arrive?

The online Orientation Week content is a good place to start to learn about our campus and available services. Click here for more information on O-Week online for remote students.    

Once you arrive at ANU, we are ready to show you around our campus. We will introduce you to the services available to support you throughout your time with us. Contact when you arrive on campus for assistance getting to know our campus and services. 


Finding part-time or casual work upon arrival?  

How can I prepare for finding part-time or casual work in Australia? 

The new Careers Toolkit provides interactive career development resources including a CV and cover letter builder and an instant online CV reviewer (CV360). In addition, the toolkit has a Careers Pulse module allowing students to assess their employability and to take career exploration assessments. 

How can I find part-time or casual work in Australia?

The ANU Careers team would encourage our students in China to register on CareerHub, and our facebook page. These are the two main ways in which we communicate with ANU students regarding career development opportunities and resources. All of our O-Week workshops (including 'Working in Australia' and 'Finding Part-time & Casual Work') will be uploaded into the resources section on CareerHub.