Information for students

30 March 2020

If you, or someone you know thinks they may have come into contact with someone with COVID-19, or test positive for the virus, please contact This will allow us to support you; and also ensure the safety of our community. 

Student life will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. On this page you'll find up-to-date information to support you throughout your studies during these exceptional circumstances. This page will continue to be updated as new information comes to hand.

If your question is not answered below, you can get in contact with Student Central.

Student e-Form

To help us provide support to students, please fill in this e-form. This will give us up-to-date information on your current health, travel and study situation. This important information will be kept private and will assist our teams to support you as circumstances on campus and in the wider community change. Access the form here.


Student support package

Below you will find information about our response to the COVID-19 situation and the support package for students and staff while ANU is conducting research, learning and teaching remotely. This package is for the period 30 March to 27 June 2020.  

It includes academic adjustments, academic support services, student wellbeing support, and information specific to residential students. 

Remote delivery

All courses will be delivered remotely from Monday 30 March. There will be no face-to-face teaching and learning activities for the remainder of Semester 1, 2020.  We will provide more information about Semester 2 as soon as we can. 

Semester 1 calendar - updated dates for the academic semester

A teaching pause was implemented for 23-27 March 2020 to assist staff with shifting courses from on campus delivery to off-campus (or remote) participation. 

After the teaching pause, classes will resume on Monday 30 March, with the two-week mid-semester break occurring as planned (6-17 April). Semester 1 will be extended by one week to allow for the teaching pause, and the timing at the end of the semester and exam period will be adjusted.  

The adjusted dates are outlined below.    

Teaching pause 

23 - 27 March 

Week 5 

30 March - 3 April 

Mid-semester break 

6 - 17 April 

Week 6 

20 - 24 April 

Week 7 

27 April - 1 May 

Week 8 

4 - 8 May 

Week 9 

11 - 15 May 

Week 10 

18 - 22 May 

Week 11 

25 - 29 May 

Week 12 

1 - 5 June 


11 June - 27 June 

Change to Census date

The census date will be changed from Tuesday 31 March to Friday 8 May 2020 (new Week 8).   

What does the change to the census date mean for me? 

The new census date (Friday 8 May) will allow you to withdraw from your course(s) without academic or financial penalty until 11:59PM AEST on Friday 8 May.

Why are you changing the census date? 

You will have access to an excellent ANU learning experience, but this gives you sufficient experience of remote teaching and learning after the mid-semester break to decide if you want to continue in any particular course. 

I'm a student who has been impacted by the travel restrictions put in place by the Australian Government in February 2020. Do these changes to the census date apply to me? 

No.  Arrangements previously put in place for students impacted by travel restrictions into Australia from China and Hong Kong are retained for those students. 

Other adjustments

We'll be: 

  • Removing the 'Withdrawn without Failure' (WN) grade from your academic transcript (if applicable); 

  • Providing exemptions from late fees for non-payment of tuition frees in Semester 1; and

  • With medical resources focussed and increasingly stretched to support the COVID-19, we will consider alternative types of supporting documentation to grant extensions due to illness, sickness or personal challenges this semester. 

Exams and assessments

We recognise that this semester has been very disrupted for you and we're modifying the way we hold our mid-semester and end of semester exams. 

Will my mid-semester and/or end of semester exams proceed if we are finishing this semester by remote/online participation? 

As we have shifted all classes to remote/online participation, we won't be holding centrally timetabled and invigilated in-person mid-semester and end of semester exams.

I was supposed to complete a mid-semester or end of semester exam as part of my course. How will I complete this assessment? 

We're working with your course convenor(s) to adapt all assessments so they can be completed remotely and they'll be in touch with you to provide an update on assessment for the remainder of the semester. 

Many existing forms of online assessment tools will be used including quizzes, Turnitin, take-home exams and essays and discussion post ratings. We are implementing remote sitting of exams through a secure online tool.  

Who do I contact about my assessment? 

We are working with your course convenor(s) to adapt all assessments so they can be completed remotely. Your course convenor will be in touch soon with updates to your assessment.  


Academic support services

Library services

The ANU Library resources continue to be available online. You can visit the ANU library website here, which provides access and easy 'how to' guides for finding your way around remotely.   

Resources on loan will have their loan period extended - borrowers will not incur fines during this period. 

I am not sure how to access the online library services. Who can I contact? 

Library staff are available via for help including booking consultation services.  An FAQ is online with more information including how to request material.  

When do the libraries open? 

The Library opening hours are available here

Study spaces with access to computers, printing, wi-fi and collections are available in the JB Chifley Library.  The One Button Recording Studio is open for students and staff use on level 4 in the JB Chifley Library. 


We know studying remotely is a new experience for many of you so we've created a WATTLE site dedicated to supporting you move from on-campus to off-campus learning. This WATTLE site provides you with information about working remotely, and how to stay connected even if you're not on campus.  

What information is available on the WATTLE site? 

This site includes information on Wattle Basics, testing remote learning access and troubleshooting access problems, Student Services, Health and Wellbeing Services, Academic Skills development, ANU Student Associations and Clubs and information on how students can get in touch with their College.   

How do I access the WATTLE site? 

Please log in to Wattle and use the 'search courses' tool to search for Orientation for Remote Students 2020.  This site will be updated to contain additional information.

Even though you won't be studying on campus physically this semester, there are still lots of support services you can access from home.  You can find out about support services on WATTLE, or there are some helpful contacts below. 

Academic Skills

Academic Skills can support students with virtual drop-ins, face-to-face Zoom meetings or written feedback on draft assignments. They provide English conversation groups via Zoom, online resources and Facebook so students can get all the latest information, tips and ideas for their studies.   

Access and Inclusion

Access and Inclusion (A&I) supports students whose participation in academic studies is impacted by: 

  • physical and learning disabilities  

  • mental health conditions  

  • chronic medical conditions  

  • short term illnesses/conditions    

  As well as support for:   

  • carers   

  • international under 18 students; and   

  • elite athletes. 

If you want to speak with a member of the A&I team, you can make an appointment via Zoom. 

ANU Careers

ANU Careers is offering all appointments by Zoom. You can also check their Facebook page [link] for upcoming events and employer information, careers toolkit online resources 

CBE Careers and Student Employability

CBE Careers and Student Employability is offering all appointments online. You can also register for virtual employer events and workshops.  

Global Programs

Global Programs is offering virtual drop-ins, or you can chat with the team on Facebook Live Chat. 

Student Central

Student Central is your first point of contact for anything relating to student administration, advice and support services. You can email or check their website [link] for regular updates.  


Student wellbeing and support

We've established the Community Wellbeing Team to provide support, care and tailored advice for staff, students and visitors impacted by COVID-19.  

How do I contact the Community wellbeing Team? 

You can contact the team by email at, by calling +61 2 6125 3346 (option 1) during business hours, or calling ANU Security outside of business hours. 

For urgent or life-threatening situations, please continue to call 000 in the first instance, and then ANU Security on +612 6125 2249. 


ANU National Health Co-op

The National Health Co-op will be available by scheduled appointment for staff and students. They can provide telehealth appointments if you meet the Medicare criteria for this. 

National Health Co-op: Call +61 2 6178 0400 or book an appointment online: 


Accessing support

ANU Counselling is offering Zoom videoconferencing appointments, or telephone appointments as needed.  To request an appointment, please phone +61 2 6178 0455 and further information will be provided.  

ANU Counselling has online mental health resources and information. 

ANU Wellbeing and Support Line (formerly ANU Crisis Support Line) is available all hours and everyday for support and assistance.  You can contact them on (phone) 1300 050 327 or (SMS) 0488 884 170. 


Emergency financial support for students

We are providing an additional $1million of funding to support students who need emergency financial support this semester. This is in addition to the emergency grants available through ANUSA and PARSA.  

This support will be coordinated by our Pro Vice-Chancellor (University Experience) and the teams from ANUSA and PARSA

How do I apply for an emergency grant? 

To apply for an emergency grant, please visit the ANUSA or PARSA websites for further details.

What do the emergency grants help pay for? 

The grants will be used to support you if you're experiencing financial stress. You can apply for a grant to cover: 

  • Accommodation grants 

  • Travel grants 

  • Grocery vouchers 

  • Textbook/educational IT grants to support remote study

  • Medical grants 


Student Accommodation

Key contacts

The following sources of further advice might be useful: 

Academic Colleges

  • College of Business & Economics
    • +61 2 6125 3807
  • College of Law
    • +61 2 6125 3483
  • College of Asia and the Pacific
    • +61 2 6125 3207
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences 
    • +61 2 6125 2898
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science
    • + 61 2 6125 4450
  • College of Science and College of Health and Medicine 
    • + 61 2 6125 2809

Student support services


Information for students studying remotely off-shore can be found here:

Information for students affected by exchange cancellation can be found here: