Information for prospective students

9 April 2020

We believe that anyone with the will and talent should have the opportunity to study at Australia's national university.

Students, particularly those in their final year of school, have experienced a very tough year already, and at the very least, their studies will have been significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis.

We want to give our students the comfort of certainty in uncertain times.

That's why we have improved the way we will admit undergraduate Australian students to our courses commencing in 2021. 

You will be able to come and study at ANU in 2021, based on your Year 11 results. But, if your Year 12 results are better than your Year 11 results, we will consider them instead.

These improvements build on our sector-leading admissions process-which consider a student's all-round character, including community engagement and leadership, alongside Year 11 and ATAR results.You can apply now until 25 May. We will be making offers in August - giving you more certainty and time to plan for one of the biggest decisions of your life; where to study at university.

Giving you certainty about university

Undergraduate Australian students who apply to commence study at ANU in 2021 will be given an offer based on their Year 11 performance – they just need to complete Year 12.

Students who didn’t do as well as hoped in Year 11 should not worry.  With the aim of being as flexible as possible, if a student's Year 12 results are better, we can look at those instead of their Year 11 results.

Offers will be made in August, providing students and their families plenty of time to plan for studying at ANU in Canberra in 2021.

Offers will be made based on Year 11 results, adjustment factors and assessment of co-curricular contributions.  Offers made on Year 11 results in August will be honoured in December, as long as students have completed Year 12. 

For more information, please visit:

Our advice to you is simple: if you are interested in studying at Australia's national university, apply. If you apply, we can help you and we will do everything we can to get you to ANU.

Providing scholarships to support your education

We are committed to ensuring that every student who needs a scholarship can get one. While the current pandemic highlights the need for urgent support, and the University has acted swiftly to provide funding to our current students, we continue to explore ways in which we can support our future students to experience the benefits of joining our community. For more information on current scholarships, visit our scholarships page.