Important update on ANU campuses

13 January 2020
Dear colleagues  
The ANU Acton, Mt Stromlo and Siding Springs campuses are open today, and we are working to return to normal as much as possible.
If you continue to be affected by the smoke, please consult with your supervisor about other working arrangements. 
These past weeks have been testing for all of us, here at ANU and in the ACT, and for many people and communities across the nation. It has also been a reminder of our ability to band together in times of need. 
We understand that last week was disruptive, so I thank all of you for your patience, understanding and goodwill. 
I ask you to keep that spirit of patience and goodwill this week as we work to return our operations across all areas of ANU activity to normal while we are still hampered by somewhat unpredictable and smoky conditions.  Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our people.  
I also encourage you all to keep monitoring relevant authorities and agencies to make sure you are well informed and prepared if circumstances change. You can keep up to date with ACT conditions at the ACT Emergency Services Agency website [go to] and NSW conditions at the Rural Fire Service page [go to].
If conditions do change and we need to close the campus again, we will let you know immediately via email, the ANUOK app, SMS, our website and social media. 
Please be sure to check the ANU homepage for up-to-date advice on health and wellbeing, and support for staff affected by the fires.  Support is available for students too, and we will shortly be letting you know of arrangements that will be available for students affected by the fires.
Finally, I want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of ANU staff who have been working around the clock since New Year's Day to keep our campuses safe and core operations running, while also keeping our community safe, supported and informed. 
I am constantly inspired by the resolve and generosity of our community and how we as a University rally to support each other when needed. That spirit of 'togetherness' has made navigating these challenges easier.  
Professor Mike Calford