Happy holidays from ANU

24 December 2014

Second-year Art student Ari Hunt, the animator behind the University’s holiday video, has been overwhelmed by the number of shares the animation has received since it was released on 17 December.

Ari, a Bachelor of Visual Arts student majoring in Animation and Video at the ANU School of Art, helped create the cartoon characters in the minute-long video depicting animals on campus when staff and students leave for the holidays.

“It's very cool seeing something you worked on shared with so many people, especially since this is the first time I've done something like this,” she said.

“It was exciting being approached, since I was recommended for the job from one of my lecturers, which shows that they think highly of me.”

The animals in the video are seen around the campus and Canberra.

“Some shots called for specific animals, such as the scene with the kangaroos playing soccer or the wombat reading on the bench. Otherwise, I had a lot of freedom in what animals I chose as long as they were native,” Ari said.

“Some scenes that didn't need a specific animal I just filled with ones that I personally like, such as the magpie teaching proper swooping technique in the lecture theatre, or the water dragon sitting on the bench next to the wombat.”

The Strategic Communications and Public Affairs’ (SCAPA) multimedia team filmed the background footage of the various places on campus.

The animations were completed in Flash before they were merged with live action backgrounds, using After Effects, giving the video a ‘Blinky Bill-style’ feel.

It took eight weeks from concept to the final video.