Graduating and coming to Grand Graduation?

6 December 2019

Are you graduating next week and planning to attend our inaugural Grand Graduation event (on Tuesday 10 December) which kicks off the week of celebrations?

Here are things you need to know about the new tradition.

It's a separate event to your college-based ceremonies in Llewellyn Hall, so to formally graduate from ANU you'll still need to attend your respective ceremony - see the program of ceremonies on the graduation webpage of the ANU website.

Graduating students will need to register and pick up their free robes and lunch ticket(s) from 9am from the Drama theatre in the Kambri Cultural Centre.

  • After you've been robed enjoy our DJ, free snack bar and roaming polaroid photographers in the foyer.
  • When directed to do so, head to the marshalling point (look for the sign) in the Cultural Centre foyer. After getting into line, you'll walk from the Cultural Centre through Kambri, across the bridge and up University Avenue towards the direction of Bruce and Wright Halls.
  • You'll be sitting in reserved seating closest to the stage. There will be volunteers telling you where to sit. Your invited guests will be seated separately.
  • At 11.30am (at the end of the celebration) the Chancellor will deliver the final remarks to attendees and will call on the PhD students to march out with our academic party.
  • After the PhD students march out, graduands are free to enjoy the picnic lunch (right next to the seating, in front of the Hanna Neumann building). To pick up your lunch, you'll use your lunch tickets that you received for yourself and your family at the Kambri Cultural Centre Drama Theatre, where you were robed.
  • Enjoy the free lunch and live music on University Avenue, noting that if you're attending the 2pm graduation ceremony at Llewellyn Hall you should leave by 12.30pm.
  • For those attending Grand Graduation, please note: if you are graduating at the 2pm or 5.30pm ceremonies, keep your robes and hand them back at Llewellyn Hall AFTER your ceremony. If you are NOT graduating on Tuesday 10 December, please return your robes to the Drama Theatre at the Kambri Cultural Centre by 1pm to avoid incurring a cost.
  • The robes are free for loan purposes as long as you have registered for both the Grand Graduation celebration and the graduation ceremony. For your college graduation ceremony, you'll need to collect your hat from the Peter Karmel building.

Download the ANU Events app to your phone.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy this inaugural celebration with your family and friends which marks the beginning of your graduation week.