Fenner building goes green

12 March 2014

The ACT's greenest building has been unveiled at The Australian National University (ANU).

The Frank Fenner Building, which hosts the Fenner School of Environment and Society and the ANU Climate Change Institute, has been formally presented with a 6 Star Green Star rating certificate, for both design and construction.

It is the first building in Canberra to receive 6 Star Green Star ratings for both design and construction.

Originally opened in 2011, The Frank Fenner Building is dedicated to integrated environmental research and training. The building was designed and built to the highest environmental standards of sustainability and efficiency.

"To achieve a 6 Star certification, you really need to cover off a lot of areas of environmental performance," said Professor Steve Dovers, Director of The Fenner School of Environment and Society.

"The building is obviously very energy and water efficient. Some features include a blackwater recycling system which captures all waste water and storm water, which is then recycled, and a solar array consisting of 142 solar panels that feeds back and produces almost as much energy as the building consumes."

The building, a collaboration between ANU, the ACT Government and the Commonwealth Government and built by the Hindmarsh Group, is setting international standards.

"The building will be used in a study of  green buildings at universities around the world, to see how well they work," said Professor Dovers.

"Often, these buildings are built but are not looked at how they are used over time. We are now part of an international effort to look at how these buildings work and how they are used."

Romilly Madew, Chief Executive of the Green Building Council of Australia, said the ranking is no small achievement.

"ANU now has a 'future proofed' asset that can withstand higher energy prices and future regulatory change," She said.

"The University also has a building that will engage the next generation of leaders and thinkers in a bricks-and-mortar demonstration of true sustainability."

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