Don't share your Zoom meeting passwords publicly!

15 September 2020

This is an important reminder about Zoom meeting security. 

If you use Zoom, please read this information. 

We encourage you to please familiarise, or re-familiarise, yourself with the information available on Zoom. You should also follow the Zoom Cyber Security Checklist

It is essential that you do not share your Zoom meeting details and passwords with anyone who you have not invited to the meeting for example publicly including via social media or in public forums.

Hosting Zoom meetings 

There is additional information available on setting up public Zoom meetings here: Zoom for Meeting Hosts

This includes: 

  • using passwords (mandatory); 

  • using waiting rooms for non-ANU attendees; 

  • only allowing the host to do screen sharing; and  

  • ensuring that anyone removed from a meeting is not allowed back in. 

 If your Zoom meeting is breached: 

  • Report users to Zoom, that way they can trace and disable accounts if appropriate,  

  • Remove them from the meeting and don't let them come back in, and 

  • If necessary, stop the meeting and send all legitimate participants a new password that will enable them to re-join the meeting. 


Zoom updates 

ITS regularly update the Zoom Updates article, so please visit the Service Desk Portal to check for this and other important updates.