COVID update - Tuesday 19 January 2021

19 January 2021

COVID-19 update

Tuesday 19 January

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Spatial distancing is still important to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Where possible, all people should stay approximately 1.5 metres apart from others.  

However, in accordance with ACT Health guidelines, it is COVID-safe to have up to one person per two square metres (1 per 2m2) in buildings where 'Check In CBR' QR Codes are displayed. 

In these circumstances, people may be slightly closer than 1.5 metres but this is deemed to be low risk given the current risk levels in the ACT. 

Our Public Health Directive on Venue Capacities has been updated to reflect this.

Current status

COVID-safe campus alert - LOW

Current level of ANU Alert System

Our current level is "low" with no or low community transmissions in the ACT.

Canberra Recovery Plan Stage 4

Canberra's Recovery Plan

We are in the fourth stage of our easing of restrictions in Canberra.

Current situation in Australia

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Figures for active local cases do not include overseas arrivals who are in hotel quarantine.


Image: Current border restrictions within Australia

Closed – QLD, NSW, VIC to WA
Strict – NSW to QLD, VIC, Tas, SA; QLD to Tas
Mild – NSW to ACT*, NT; Vic to QLD, Tas; QLD to VIC, SA;
Go – ACT to all states*; all states except NSW to ACT; WA, NT, Tas, SA to all states 

* ACT residents are advised not to go to NSW hotspots, which will be reduced to 10 Local Government Areas only as of 3pm on Tuesday 19 January. People from these hotspots must notify the ACT Government and/or apply for an exemption and quarantine for 14 days. 

Also note: to travel to Victoria, ACT residents need to apply for a transit permit. ACT residents returning from Victoria are advised to get tested if they were in an identified public location

For more information, visit:

Updates on the University's management of COVID-19


  • The COVID Response Office is liaising with ACT Health to get soft copies of current 'Check In CBR' QR codes, and also to request issue of QR codes for buildings that do not have them as yet. We ask all areas to be patient while we process this as we are dependent on the ACT Health to get these issued.
  • Organising exemptions and home-based quarantine for students coming from NSW hotspots.

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