Council News – Meetings: September & October 2020

6 October 2020

Council News  

Meeting 6/2020 - 15 September 

Meeting 7/2020 - 2 October   


Meeting 6/2020

This Special Meeting of Council was convened principally to consider the University's Recovery Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

The phases of ANU Recovery during the year have involved an immediate response which focused on liquidity in 2020; the recovery for 2021; and rebuilding in 2022-2023.  The Plan proposed to maintain a strategic outlook while carefully managing revenue and expenditure. 

Following extensive deliberations on 9 and 15 September, Council approved the ANU Recovery Plan 2021-23, including an in-depth consultation process with the University community and a periodic reporting framework.  

Meeting 7/2020

The Council considered a substantial agenda involving a number of Key Business Items, project updates, governance initiatives and required reporting, much of which was considered within and beyond a COVID-19 context.  
Vice-Chancellor's Report 

Council considered a report prepared by the Vice-Chancellor about recent Council elections (including the University's strong Indigenous representation), engagement with government, and with industry.  

The Vice-Chancellor also presented an initial draft of the University's next Strategic Plan: ANU 2025. While much development work and consultation must follow before being finalised by 1 August 2021

- the 75th anniversary of the University - it will, inter alia, focus on the ANU being the National University and creating an unparalleled student experience.           

ANU Recovery Plan 2021-23 

The first report since the Plan was approved on 15 September 2020 centred on 1) developing a risk management approach to monitor the implementation of the Plan, and 2) on the feedback received during the initial consultation phase (much of which included suggestions to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve the teaching and research experience).       


Council received a status report from the Dean of the College of Health and Medicine (CHM) about CHM TRANSFORM - an ambitious ten year strategy with the vision of a top global university, serving the nation, distinguished by ANU's impact on health and wellbeing, the future of healthcare, and the performance of health systems.  A Strategic Plan is being developed for consideration at the December meeting of Council.          

Council Membership - first and last meeting

Council welcomed new academic staff representatives; Professor Juliana Ng from the College of Business and Economics, Professor Asmi Wood from the College of Law and Professor Kate Reynolds (who was re-elected) from the College of Health and Medicine, each elected to serve for two years, until 29 September 2022. 

Council welcomed Ms Eve Walker as the new Postgraduate Student Representative, until 27 September 2021.   

Council also acknowledged and thanked Mr Lachlan Day following his last meeting of Council as the Undergraduate Student Representative.  Mr Day's term on Council ends on 30 November 2020.  

Information about Council and its members can be found here:

Other matters

Council also considered, noted or approved a range of other significant matters. These include:    

  • Capital Works update  
  • Status of the ANU Bill (to replace the ANU Act 1991);
  • ANU Governance Statute and related legislation;
  • Insurance matters; 
  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework; 
  • University Rankings;
  • International Strategy;  
  • ANU Subsidiaries - Mid Year Reports for 2020; 
  • Update from ANU Advancement; 
  • Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) process for 2021;
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency - Annual Report 2019-20; Ø Student Safety;
  • Staff Work Health and Safety; and
  • Summaries of much Council Committee and Academic Board activity since the last meeting.              


Next Meeting 

Council next meets on Friday 4 December 2020.  


The Hon Julie Bishop Chancellor