Council News – Meeting: 9 April 2021

9 April 2021

Council News  

Meeting 2/2021

9 April 2021

First Council meeting on-campus since 6 December 2019
Council was delighted to meet in the RC Mills Room, Chancelry, ANU Campus for the first time since 6 December 2019.  During this period, Council meetings were held off-campus (on 13/14 February 2020) due to the impact of the 20 January 2020 hailstorm and then because of COVID-19 for all remaining meetings in 2020, and the meeting and Planning Days held on  11 and 12 February 2021. 

Council members appreciated the opportunity to engage with one another, with the Executive and University staff face-to-face as part of another important meeting of the governing body that considered the University's academic, social and financial status, and especially the wellbeing of students and staff.     

Vice-Chancellor's Report
Council considered a report prepared by the Vice-Chancellor focusing on parliamentary activities, government engagement, academic freedom, International Women's Day, the next Strategic Plan (ANU 2025) and student enrolments in 2021.     
Student and Staff Wellbeing  
Council continues to take a specific interest in the wellbeing of its students and their experience at the University, as well as the Work Health and Safety of staff, especially given the changed circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Further to valuable discussion held meeting, including about the University's significant investment in these areas, Council will continue to explore and monitor student and staff wellbeing at future meetings.           
Work of Council Committees  
Council appreciated that much consultation and review of material by Council Committees - particularly since the February meetings - had contributed to several papers being submitted for consideration by members.  The Finance Committee, Audit and Risk Management Committee, Campus Planning Committee and Academic Board each provided valuable advice as part of recommendations being made to Council.   
Other matters
Council considered a range of other significant matters, including: The University's Annual Report for 2020, academic policy and review, international strategy, succession planning, and summaries of Council Committees and Academic Board activity since February 2021.          
Next Meeting
Council next meets on Friday 28 May 2021.