Community consultation and feedback

31 May 2017

How has the University community been engaged in the process so far?

The Vice-Chancellor conducted a number of forums with students that ran through the second half of March 2016. The feedback received from students at these forums was then passed on to the architects who are formulating the designs for this proposal.

On 7 April 2016 a forum was also held to get input and share ideas with Bruce Hall alumni. Several student working groups have been held over recent months allowing students from Bruce Hall to speak with architects and contribute to the new building plans. Six forums for Bruce Hall Alumni were held in early August, including an online forum for alumni living outside Canberra or otherwise unable to make it to the face to face meetings.

How did the University consider and decide to proceed with this project?

After the initial meetings with Graham and Louise Tuckwell, the University design team developed a range of options.  The options were subject to internal review by University management.  They were then a matter for consultation with students and with alumni. 

At the same time, they were iteratively reviewed by the Design Review Sub-Committee and the Campus Development Committee.  These are formal committees, with a majority of independent members, which review all development proposals.  These committees include external architects, planners and representatives of the National Capital Authority.  The emerging proposal was then considered on a number of occasions by the Major Projects Sub-Committee of the University Council and then by the Campus Planning Committee of the University Council before ultimately receiving the formal endorsement of the University Council.

When will new information be available?

An updated version of the FAQs will be made available as further information comes to hand.