China expert’s book awarded Joseph Levenson prize

17 February 2016

ANU China expert Luigi Tomba has been awarded the prestigious Joseph Levenson Prize for his book The Government Next Door: Neighbourhood Politics in Urban China.

The Association of Asian Studies' Joseph Levenson prize is awarded every year to two authors based on two categories - one on China before 1900 and one on post-1900 China.

Dr Tomba's book was awarded the post-1900 China award.

"It's an important recognition of a work that occupied me for about 10 years of research, and so I'm humbled and very honoured," said Dr Tomba, who is based at the ANU Australian Centre on China in the World.

The book examines Chinese politics from a grass-roots perspective and is based on field work in middle and working class neighbourhoods in Beijing, Shenyang and Chengdu.

"The book looks at some of the important questions in Chinese politics from a grassroots perspective, and investigates the ways in which the Communist Party maintains its legitimacy through local governance practices at the neighbourhood level," he said.

The prize will be presented to Dr Tomba at the Annual Conference of the Association of Asian Studies in Seattle, USA, on 1 April.