Changes to the Campus Traveller bus service

29 January 2018

The University's Campus Traveller bus service is back for another semester but has been tweaked to make it easier for staff and students to use.

Starting Monday 29 January, the service will once again be operating between the Lindsay Pryor car park and the ANU campus. This year there have been some changes to enable a smoother operation for the service and its users.

As a result of feedback from last year's trial, the service will now offer earlier pick up times from the ANU campus (starting from 2.30pm) to help out staff and students who have children to pick up from school and childcare each afternoon.

Instead of hailing the bus so that users can hop aboard, anyone wanting to use the service will need to wait for the bus at any one of the four locations on campus - the National Computational Infrastructure carpark (stop 1), the Hancock Library (stop 2), the Coombs building (stop 3) and Lennox Crossing (within the Crawford precinct) (stop 4). A detailed map showing these stops has been developed for those who use the bus.

The bus can still be tracked via the ANUOK app, which is available for download via iTunes and Google Play. More information about the changes to the Campus Traveller can be found on the ANU Services website under the Campus environment and then Transport and Parking tab.