Chancellor’s message to graduands

11 July 2019

Today's ceremony marks the culmination of years of research and study. ANU owes much to the intellectual and cultural contribution of our student body. In return, we work to build on our high standards in research and education. The ANU was created as part of a great nation building exercise in its day. That mandate continues and you share a vital part in it.

I hope that your time with us has been enriching. It will certainly shape your future. Receiving your testamur is a significant achievement in its own right. It is also an important milestone. Some of you will decide to pursue further study; some of you will seek challenges outside the University environment.

The skills you have developed to sort what is material from what isn't, of separating fact from fiction, of subjecting argument to close and rigorous analysis, and solving problems logically and creatively will stand you in good stead in whatever path you follow. These attributes, which also equip you to be good citizens, are pivotal to the good health of our democratic nation. We are confident that you will abide by the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct and to be a continuing contributor to community service throughout the course of your lives.

For the University, today is not just about bidding farewell to our latest group of outstanding students-it's also about welcoming you to a new phase of life in the ANU community, as part of our international family of alumni. Enjoy this occasion and the celebrations with friends and loved ones. Behind every degree lies a tale of individual effort, sacrifice and achievement.

I offer my heartiest congratulations to all of you.