Celebrating our shining stars at the VC's Annual Awards

17 November 2020

We have been surrounded by staff who were committed to doing the work required to help us overcome the challenges we faced, in whatever form was needed. ANU is the university it is because of its people

Each year, our staff gather to celebrate the depth and diversity of talent within the ANU community. The awards are an opportunity for the Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor to recognise staff for their impact to ANU as well as the local, national and international community. 

This year we celebrated virtually, on Tuesday 17 November, with more than 200 colleagues on the call. 

Our MC for the night, Professor Michael Martin, had us laughing together all evening with some great zoom backgrounds. He closed the event with a heartfelt message for our community: 

"Thank you to everybody who's here tonight for being part of us, and for being part of a campus that has really come together at a time when the world has really tried to tear us apart." 

The Hon Julie Bishop also presented the four2020 recipients of the Chancellor's awards at this event, her first ANU Annual Awards night as Chancellor. She reflected on our community in 2020 and congratulated all recipients on their awards: 

"This year, we have seen our community respond not only to the challenges faced here at ANU, but also contribute to our nation's response to the pandemic.  

From our medical experts to our economic and policy advisors, I have been reminded throughout this period of the high calibre people we have at this University." 

Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt also reflected on 2020 and congratulated all recipients on their awards: 

"ANU continues to be the heart of research and educational excellence for the nation, and one of our core values is that we strive for excellence in everything that we do. Every year it would be true to say that ANU could not be where it is without the people we will acknowledge tonight. But this year, that sentiment is truer than ever. 

"The dedication and hard work seen within our community this year is unlike anything I have seen before. 

"I have been surrounded by staff who were committed to doing the work required to help us overcome the challenges we faced, in whatever form was needed. We saw new teams formed, new innovations thought up and different technology used. And tonight, we will acknowledge some of those people. ANU is the University it is because of its people. 

"I'd also like to thank our entire community - this year has been incredibly difficult - the patience and resilience everyone has shown as we all work together to meet the most significant challenge in our University's history." 

You can watch the full virtual ceremony here.

    Full list of 2020 award recipients and finalists 

    Peter Baume Award


    • Professor Margaret Jolly
    • Professor Rodney Baxter

    Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to the University 


    • Professor Michael Cardew-Hall

    Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Campus Community


    • Associate Professor Anna Cowan

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Reconciliation


    • Azure Hermes
    • Kambri Scholarships team: team lead - Anne Martin

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Excellence in Service


    • Vicki Stanley
    • Community Wellbeing team: team lead - Kyla Wilson
    • Fire and Hail Response team: team lead - Dr Nadine White
    • Matt Talbot


    • CBE 2020 Off-campus Student Experience Project: team lead - Tanya Ali
    • Travel Restrictions Relief Bursary team: team lead - Belle Ma

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early Career Academics


    • Professor Si Ming Man


    • Dr Kathryn Grasha
    • Dr Nicholas White

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research


    • Dr Carmel O’Shannessy

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Impact and Engagement


    • Dr Meru Sheel
    • Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge
    • ANU Medical School Infectious Disease Experts: team leads - Associate Professor Sanjaya Senanayake and Professor Peter Collignon


    • Dr Ben Bramble
    • The ANU MakerSpace team: team lead - Dr John Debs
    • Mount Stromlo Observatory Outreach: team lead - Brittany Carter

    Andrew Hopkins Award for Excellence in Health and Safety


    • COVID-19 Taskforce: team lead - Professor Darren Gray

    Clare Burton Award for Excellence in Equity and Diversity


    • Professor Lyndall Strazdins
    • Two Way Project team: team lead - Dr Kirrily Jordan


    • Associate Professor Nicole Haley

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Educational Excellence


    • Associate Professor Dipti Talaulikar

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for 40 Years of Service

    • Professor Graeme Price

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for 25 Years of Service

    • Professor Premachandra Athukorala 
    • Dr Timothy Hassall 
    • Associate Professor Shunichi Ishihara 
    • Professor Margaret Jolly 
    • Professor Heather Booth 
    • Professor Francesca Merlan 
    • Professor Denise Ferris 
    • Dr Borek Puza 
    • Associate Professor Shankar Kalyanasundaram 
    • Associate Professor Adrian Lowe 
    • Dr Ramesh Sankaranarayana 
    • Stephanie Palmer 
    • Associate Professor Charmaine Simeonovic 
    • Vera Joveska 
    • Judith Harrison 
    • Piers Bairstow 
    • Steven Leahy 
    • Associate Professor Ralph Sutherland 
    • Audra Johnstone 
    • Professor Spencer Whitney 
    • Fiona Roxburgh 
    • James Irwin 
    • Patrick Lang 
    • Professor Timothy Senden 
    • Professor Christopher Easton 
    • Vance Lawrence 
    • Michael Hill 
    • Professor Paul Tregoning 
    • Andrew Wilson 
    • Professor Xu-Jia Wang 
    • Dr Andrei Bliznyuk 
    • Catherine Clegg 
    • Allan Williams 
    • Professor Brian Schmidt 
    • Kanthasamy Mohan 
    • Neil Bayley 
    • Brendon Colquhoun 
    • Graeme Lindsell 
    • David Howse