Can we do better? ANU wants your feedback!

13 August 2018

Help us to improve your experience at ANU.

Have your say now if you:

•have great ideas to improve how we do things;

•wish to say something nice about someone who went above-and-beyond; or

•want to complain about a service that didn't meet your expectations.

Since the feedback form was launched in January 2018, more than 200 staff and students have given feedback about what they think of ANU services and the campus. Here are some examples of changes that have been made as a result of feedback provided:

  1. One staff member felt that the banners placed on the fencing around a construction site on campus made it difficult to see oncoming traffic. Within a few hours of this feedback being submitted, the fences had been changed and a photo of the changes to the area was sent to the staff member.
  1. A student reported that the service they received from staff member was rude and the reception area set up confusing. As a result of the feedback, the reception layout and signage was immediately modified and discussions took place to make sure students feel more welcome when visiting.

It is still early days for this feedback system, so the more feedback that is received, the more that the University can do to improve the ANU experience - whether they are through quick improvements, as well as improvements for short and long term projects.

University Services Feedback covers a broad range of topics such as: parking, research support, website, university strategy, campus life and more.  For more information or to submit feedback, head to