Bruce Hall Keep and Preserve

31 May 2017

Will the University maintain the unique culture and heritage of Bruce Hall in the new building?

Yes. In terms of echoing the former building design as part of the new building design, expressed arches in the dining hall have been included, the Fred Ward furniture will be retained, the Bruce Hall crest will be relocated to the end of the dining hall, the Leonard French art will also be relocated to the dining hall and the Flugelman sculpture will be refurbished and relocated to the new Bruce Hall.

Bruce Hall Keep and Preserve is a new advisory group which, along with students, staff and alumni, has contributed to the identification, collection and storage of significant artefacts, artwork, documents, furnishings, furniture and objects relating to the unique culture and histories of Bruce Hall. This group, will provide advice and ideas as to the integration of Bruce artefacts and furnishings into the new buildings, as well as ways in which the traditions and histories of Bruce can be grown and celebrated in the future.

How will the designs of the new building's exterior reflect the heritage of Bruce Hall? Will materials from the current hall be incorporated?

Some key elements of the façade of the new building eg. the red brick will have same colour/feel. The Flugelman sculpture and fountain will be retained.

How will Bruce Hall social spaces such as the Dining Hall, Buttery and quads be incorporated? Will they be designed to replicate the existing spaces?
The architects have worked closely with students to ensure that the new Bruce Hall Dining Space, Buttery and quads will have the same basic structure and will capture the look and feel of the original spaces.

The quads have been designed to a size and scale that will provide security, intimacy and connection with the building envelope that forms each quad.