Braddon-style pop-up to bring new life to ANU

24 February 2017

ANU has unveiled details of a new Braddon-style Pop-up village, featuring some iconic Canberra businesses, which will operate during the $220 million revitalisation of Union Court.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt welcomed two of the new food vendors to ANU and released plans for the Pop-up, which will link the University and the Canberra city.

The Pop-up will open in mid-2017 and promises to give ANU and the wider Canberra community a lively new precinct with eateries, a bar, retail shops, services and live music and events.

It will also feature a new medium-size live music venue for local, interstate and international bands and artists.

"Right here, where we stand today, we are undertaking a $220-million revitalisation project for the heart of the ANU campus," Professor Schmidt said.

"While we are undertaking this revitalisation project we are installing a temporary Pop-up village which will serve as the heart of the campus from mid-2017 through to early 2019 when the revitalisation is completed.

"The new Pop-up will be a vibrant new location where the ANU and the wider Canberra community can come together."

Central to the Pop-up will be the new bar to be managed by The Burley Group, who run Walt and Burley and Betti Bravo. Food vendors BrodDogs and their gourmet hotdogs, and Mr Papa, with traditional Peruvian food, will also be part of the Pop-up.

Companies involved in the Pop-up have been selected by a competitive tender process.

The long-term revitalisation of Union Court and University Avenue includes new teaching and student buildings, a purpose-built event and theatre building, student accommodation, swimming pool, gym, outdoor spaces and amphitheatre, bars, event pavilions, cafes, services, shops and underground parking.

The design and construction of stage one will be completed in 2019.

More information is available at the Union Court Revitalisation website:

From Friday 24 February until Monday 27 BrodDogs and Mr Papa will be operating in Union Court.