Behavioural change

ANU Below Zero Consultation
25 September 2020

How might we incentivise and embed more climate friendly behaviour into the lives of students and staff?

Reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will require change at both an institutional and individual level.  It will be particularly important to consider the way that we travel, how we use energy, how we deal with waste and what we purchase.

This will require broad community engagement, including participatory and empowering student engagement and ongoing communication campaigns. The University will also need to provide structured pathways to help staff and students reduce their emissions, for example by providing data to make informed decisions, infrastructure, toolkits and case studies.   

We are keen to hear all your ideas for how ANU might incentivise and embed more climate friendly behaviour into the lives of students and staff.

Consultation is open until Tuesday 20 October 2020.

You can engage in one or both of these ways

Online workshop

Join us to discuss at an online workshop on Friday 25 September at 12pm.

Register for the workshop here.

Online platform to capture your ideas (Ideanote)

Contribute your ideas and build on others here.

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