Apiculture society abuzz about giving to students

16 June 2014

The ANU Apiculture Society is offering students a chance to win a small amount of money if they can show that their studies relate to bees.

It's the first time the society is offering $100 to a successful recipient who has the best, and most original, bee-related student work.

The Society's spokesperson, Nicholas Mortimer, says the idea is about getting students thinking about the campus as a functioning ecosystem and environmental issues.

"Part of what's attractive about bees is they're very much an inter-disciplinary lens to view many different areas of life and many different fields of study," he says.

"The prize is to try and make what we're doing a little more relevant to students and to encourage students to think creatively and broadly about the role bees might play in their own fields of study."

Nicholas says there's really only one criterion for those looking to apply for the prize.

"What we're looking for really is the way that students are engaging with a particular issue related to bees and how they're communicating that issue - so how are they taking something, making sense of it and then communicating creatively about what they find.

"So whether we get an essay, a poster or a piece of art, they'll all be considered."

Funding for the prize has come from ANUgreen. Nicholas says the aim is to continue to provide the prize twice yearly, but at this stage funding is secure until the end of 2014 with the second prize to be awarded next semester.

The deadline for this round of submissions is 21 June.

For more information on the ANU Apiculture Society prize, head to the society's facebook page.