ANU to shine at this year's Enlighten festival

27 February 2018

Visitors to the ANU campus will be treated to a display of sight and sound outside the Peter Karmel building as part of a broader celebration on campus as part of the Enlighten festival.

Lecturer in Animation Dr Lucien Leon and technical officer Jean Philippe Demarais say the interactive display will form part of the ANU-Enlighten walk-through from the School of Music to the School of Art and Design, up to University House and then back down to the Menzies library.

"The Photography and Media Arts workshop's responsibility will be the projection on the School of Music, and the School of Art and Design buildings," said Jean Philippe.

The ANU School of Music are also involved in ANU Enlighten, drawing on the skills of Dr Alexander Hunter and saxophonist John Mackey who will be doing some live performances that will be tied into the interactive visual display.

"John Carolan, who is one of our Alumni and is a great VJ will be doing some projections as well to tie into the live music being played," said Jean Philippe.

The interactive display will form part of the ANU Enlighten festival on 8 and 9 March.

During the festival, the nearby School of Music building will include illuminations from student artists who have since graduated as well as Indigenous work.

The School of Art and Design building will also exhibit student artworks as illuminations, including that of postgraduate student Prajdnik Awasthi who will have a work relating to migration conflict.

"The work that's going on at Peter Karmel will be performative, interactive and collaborative in the sense that it's bringing the School of Art and Design, and the School of Music together," said Dr Leon.

"What John Carolan will be doing is driving visuals that are interactive in the sense that they are reactive to the music."

The School of Music building's illumination will feature artworks created by Indigenous makers and kept at the National Film and Sound Archive.

"It's not the early days of projection where you got an image and you threw it up against a wall. There are distinctive things going on in all three of those spaces," said Dr Leon.

"Audiences are pretty familiar with projected imagery nowadays. But the idea of bringing together internationally-renowned jazz musicians to do a collaborative performance with a well-known local VJ is something that you just don't get anywhere else."

For more on the ANU Enlighten festivities including dates and times of activities, check out the ANU Enlighten Minds/Thinking Spaces page.

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