ANU the first to teach Indigenous PNG language course

14 June 2018

The Australian National University (ANU) will be the first university in Australia to offer students the opportunity to learn Papua New Guinea's most widely spoken language: Tok Pisin.

Tok Pisin is one of the country's official languages, spoken by around four million people.

The new course underscores the importance of deepening Australia's understanding of one of its closest neighbours. It marks another milestone for the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific in offering languages not widely taught at other Australian universities.

Jenny Homerang, a PhD candidate at the School of Culture, History and Language, will teach the online course commencing in 2019.

"ANU is a pioneer in online language education and Tok Pisin is an important language in Papua New Guinea, because it brings the country's diverse population together," she said.

"ANU is leading the way in teaching and valuing less commonly taught languages and will be the first institution in Australia to offer a course in this language."

Papua New Guinea is one of the world's most linguistically diverse nations with more than 800 living languages.

More information about the course will soon be available via the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific's languages homepage.

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