ANU Spaces - Hugo Lee

19 October 2015

Meet Hugo Lee, a third year student from the ANU School of Music, who is participating in the Sound Bites ACT concert on 24 October with HC Coombs Fellow Andrew Farriss.

Hugo, what are you specifically studying at ANU?

I'm studying a Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Science- majoring in saxophone performance and physics.

What is your favourite spot on campus?

We have a lovely campus. One of my favourite spots is the small grass peninsula with willow trees, sticking into Sullivan's Creek from South Oval.

You like it because...

I like it because it is so calm and peaceful - a beautiful spot with the plants and water birds. It is a perfect place to sit and think, or just sit.

If you were free for an afternoon, what would you do?

I'd go for a run up and around Black Mountain with my mates. We do this a lot and it's heaps of fun, good catch-up time, very relaxing, and apparently not too bad for your health either.

Can you briefly tell us what it has been like to work with and learn from former INXS star and HC Coombs Fellow Andrew Farriss? 

It has been fascinating working with Andrew - hearing his stories and approaches to writing and arranging music. He has so much knowledge and experience in the music industry that goes far beyond just playing music, something that is crucial to the modern-day musician.

If you could choose one highlight of your year studying music with Mr Farriss, what would it be?

This year I have written, recorded and produced my new album, Confluence, for which Andrew has played a significant mentoring role. It was great to have someone with his wealth of ideas willing to listen to mine, from short musical fragments to finished works, and offer constructive criticism at all times.

Tell us about the Sound Bites concert that you are involved in, also with Mr Farriss?

The Hugo Lee Band will be performing at Sound Bites to launch my album Confluence. We'll be doing a selection of tracks from the record to give you a taste of what the full package sounds like. Andrew will of course feature in this set, before we all join him later in the night for his own tunes.

After this year, what next for Hugo Lee?

Lots of ideas, too many to list but all of them very exciting. I'll be continuing my original composition/production projects as well as performing as a session player in many different bands. It would be great to travel around some more and broaden my experience and networks in the industry. 

I'm also working on fusing the disciplines of Music and Physics with exciting opportunities ahead. Possibly postgraduate study at some stage too.

More information on the Sound Bites concert can be found on the ANU School of Music website. Hugo's CD is available for purchase via