ANU Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy Consultation

Have Your Say! - ANU Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy – Open for Consultation
2 April 2019

The Respectful Relationships Unit has developed a draft ANU Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy which is now available for consultation with students and staff. The Strategy aims to guide a critical aspect of the University's work in fostering an inclusive, open and respectful ANU, which reflects the diversity of our nation. In so doing, this Strategy aims to support the overarching Equity and Diversity objectives of the ANU Strategic Plan 2018-2021.The draft Strategy has been developed in consultation with key advisory bodies, including the Respectful Relationships Steering Group, Respectful Relationships Working Group and the Respectful Relationships Student Working Group. In opening the draft Strategy for consultation, the objective is to engage the ANU community as widely as possible, acknowledging that directly engaging with staff and students is key to the overall success of this Strategy.

The Strategy has a focus on both staff and students, and takes a holistic approach to prevention, including primary, secondary and tertiary prevention efforts across all levels of the ANU. Drawing from Change the Story, a shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women in Australia developed by Our Watch, the Strategy includes an explicit focus on addressing the drivers and reinforcing factors of sexual violence and violence against women.

The Strategy will be implemented in three phases, with the first phase commencing in 2019. Each phase will be supported by a rolling action plan. As such, as part of the consultation on the Strategy, the Respectful Relationships Unit will be engaging the ANU community in the co-design of the first rolling action plan for 2019.

Have Your Say

The Respectful Relationships Unit is coordinating a range of opportunities for staff and students to engage and provide feedback/input in the draft Strategy and first rolling action plan. 

If you are unable or do not wish to attend one of the above forums, you are welcome to provide feedback on the Strategy by emailing the Respectful Relationships Unit at



ANU Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy